Lexi Capital Review – A Look Into This Company

By | October 8, 2019

lexi capital review - our insightful take
In this Lexi Capital review, we will be looking at their offers, fee structure, pros, cons, ratings, rankings, complaints, and customer reviews.

Also, there is something interesting we found about this gold IRA company that we thought might interest you. This report is unbiased and the bases of our finding were focused on the ratings and complaints from top rating bodies like BBB, BCA, TrustLink, RipOff Report, and
Complaints Board.

If you are new to investing in precious metal IRA or buying gold please start by reading our reviews of the top gold IRA companies. (Very important!!)

We also recommend that you do your own thorough research before choosing any company. We have come across reviews of customers being scammed because they did not do their own due diligence. Some even chose companies with terrible reviews and even committed fraud because they did not do their own finings.

Learn more about the gold IRA company that ranked #1 in 2019

Lexi Capital Review Overview

The company was founded in 2010

Headquartered at: 310 S Harrington St Raleigh, NC 27603-1818

Aim: To make recession-proof assets accessible to everybody, not just the bankers and unscrupulous politicians.

lexi capital review - something you should know

Type of business: Limited Lianility Compnay LLC.

How Long In Business? 8 years

Phone: 800-473-1213

Fax: 919-249-7639

Live Chat? No

Lexi Capital Review – Something You Should know

Remember when we said there is something interesting about this gold IRA company? They are the only gold IRA company that is offering what they call “Gold Assurance Plan” in otherward six-month
price protection assurance plan.

How it works according to the company website:

When investing in silver and gold IRAs with Lexi Capital, you’ll have access to The Gold Assurance Plan. This is a six-month repricing policy that empowers your investment by helping to mitigate the
effect of short term corrections.

Coins eligible for The Gold Assurance Plan have six months of protection of up to $500 per ounce. Your portfolio’s eligibility is communicated during purchase. Bullion products are eligible for an extra fee.”

Lexi Capital IRA Fees

Initial Set Up Fees:

Annual Administration Fee: $95

Annual Storage Fee: $100

Minimum Purchase Amount: $5,000

Preferred Depository: Delaware Depository


  1. Gold Assurance plan The fact that they are the only ones offering this plan in the industry is a huge bonus point for Lexi Capital.
  2. Free Investor Kit This is a good indication that they cared for you as new investors and they are willing to give you information that will help you make a better choice for free. Regal Assets does this well too.
  3. Phone and Fax contact numbers: This means you can reach out to them and have an expert speak to you and help you identify the best options.
  4. Lots of Product Choices: Lexi Capital made it easy for new investors to select from varieties of products to invest, They also ave educational materials on each product so you can learn more about their pros and cons before investing.
  5. Attentive staff members and sales reps at Lexi Capital are not pushy fast-talking salespeople. We know because we checked. And you can check too, Just pick the phone and call them. We were amazed the first 2 minutes was not about selling. It was about trying to understand your needs so they can better help us. So guys at Lexi Capital do listen and pay attention just as we found the same result at Regal Asset.


  1. No live chat
  2. Storage and admin fees did specify if its a flat rate or not. Hence we conclude it has to be a scaled fee. Meaning the more your returns increase, the more fees you pay on both storage and admin fees.
  3. Being in business for just 8 years can a great mile but yet you can compare that with a gold IRA company that has been around for 15 years or more.

Complaints, Rankings, And Customer Reviews

Better Business Bureau BBB

BBB is of the most rusted body to protect customer interest. BBB has been around since the early 20th century, helping people file complaints and reviewing companies as such.

BBB grade company from A to F. Sometimes a company will have an A grade but the nature of complaints will tell if you want to do business with them or not.

With Lexi Capital, there is no single complaints or review found as at when this article was written.

lexi capital review - bbb ratings

Despite not been accredited by BBB any more, Lexi Capital still scored A+ on the BBB website. Also, we could not find one single review on BBB with either positive or negative even though the company has been in operation for the past 8 years.

Then again maybe that Lexi Capital is doing very well which is obvious. The customer review section is empty as well which again is a bit awkward but then an A+ rating from BBB is a big deal as it is a reputable customer voice website.

Business Consumer Alliance BCA

lexi capital review - BCA ratings

lexi capital review - BCA compliants

Again Lexi Capital enjoyed a handsome AAA rating on BCA with the past 3 years. You can also see there are no complaints and not single star customer review ahead. See the details here.

Ripoff Report

Again on the RipOff website, we can not find one single complaint or review.

lexi capital review - ripoff report

This is really looking good for Lexi Capital and we can say this is one of the top gold IRA companies you should be considering to choose. Although this depends on what suits you and what you expect from your gold IRA company.


Just as well on TrustLink, we found not one single complaint against Lexi Capital. But we found good 3 reviews that gave it five stars. see
details here.

lexi capital review - trust link ratings

But we found only three glowing positive reviews on TrustLink from three happy customers. The screenshot below explains better.

lexi capital review - happy customers

Complaints Board

lexi capital review - complaints board rating

There are no complaints found on the Complaints Board website as of when this report was made.

Lexi Capital Review – Conclusion

Generally, one would what a great and clean company to work with. Perhaps you should trust it and put your business to their door. From the top value, it is an ideal suggestion and surely one of the top gold IRA companies we have researched.

On the other hand, a lack of much-needed data in terms of complaints or reviews of more than just three would go along way to understand what to expect if you choose them. Things like more than three reviews either positive or negative, few complaints not more than three at least, and trading activities.

We expected to find more than the above information on the rating websites. As they have been in business for the last 8 years.

Also, your expectations from your gold IRA companies might help you determine if they are the right fit for you. Things like cost, scaled or none scaled fees, storage costs, admin costs, and your expected return on your investment.

For example, on Lexi Capital’s storage and admin fees, there is no specified understanding that tells you if it is a scaled fee or not. In such occasions from our research trends, it is usually scaled fees if the term was not specified generally. This means more unexpected costs of admin or storage should your returns increase.

The company we recommend has a fixed cost all round. What you see is what you pay, there are no surprises. In fact, your first admin fee is free and your storage is segregated from other investors.

Then again it is up to you which company you want to choose. Our job is to give you an unbiased review of the top gold IRA companies so you can make an informed investment decision of your own.

Which Company Do We Recommend?

lexi capital review vs regal assets

Official Website – Give Them A Call Here – 1 877 962 1133

Regal Assets is a trustworthy company that pledges to secure your investments and savings through an array of products and services offered. It has been featured in a number of publications such as
Inc. Magazine, SmartMoney, Market Watch, Forbes and Reuters, which proves its remarkable level of service in the field of investment.

There is always a real-time gold price window on their website that gives you an accurate gold price and other precious metals of the day.
If you want to learn more about Regal Assets, check out this in-depth Regal Assets review.

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lexi capital review vs regal assets free gold kits

Lexi Capital Review Summary

Reviewer: Richard U.

Review date: 08/10/2019

Item Reviewed: Lexi Capital LLC.

Verdict: Legit

Our Overall Ratings: 92 Out of 100

Recommended? You be the judge.

We hope this Lexi Capital review has helped answer all your question especially about the ratings, complaints, customer service, and costs. If yes, please help us share the heck out of it on your social network so others can benefit. If you have any questions or comments please do in the box below. I will get back to you immediately.

4 thoughts on “Lexi Capital Review – A Look Into This Company

  1. Andy Zeus Anderson

    Lexi Capital surprises me in the fact it has been around for 8 years and yet has no positive or negative reviews on the BBB website or Scam Reporting sites. That is rare and then some. They seem to have a good thing going with the unique assurance program and while a live chat might seem in the order I can imagine they are always available by phone if required.

    1. admin Post author

      Your assumption is probably not far from the truth and as our research can lead us, that was ur findings. It is good to have a fair balance of positive more than negative and it just baffles. Anyway, they must be doing something great no doubt.

      Yes, we mentioned the live chat feature which is missing and surely the volume of calls coming into such an investment company will surely be magnitude to handle on phone alone.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Antonio


    It is good to hear of a company that comes highly regarded, with nobody complaining about it and getting positive feedback. The only problem I can see is that some of the feedback is out of date, which tends to worry name. When I look into a company I want to see feedback and reviews from recent reviewers. They say no news is good news, but with the business I appreciate as much information as possible. 

    Based on your review I will look further into this company to see if it is a viable option or not. It looks very promising.

    Do you think it is good as a long term investment?



    1. admin Post author

      Thanks, Antonio and yes you are doing the right thing by hedging your decision. This is why we do reviews like this so that you can have a lot of information to mull about before deciding to choose a company.

      We saw the trends too. No review for such a long time is a bit off but who are we to judge? It is left for investors to make their own informed decision. We will not focus directly recommend such but rather point you to a better option to choose from.

      As for longterm investment? Always choose the company that has your best interest at hand. Not just the company interest.


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