ARYA Trading Review – Is It More Than Just A Trading Tool?

By | October 14, 2019

arya trading review - a must read

In this ARYA trading review, we are going to look at the business, their
offers, how it works, complaints, customer reviews, what we like and
what we do not like.

According to the company, “ARYA is the most comprehensive trading ecosystem available online”. And on this Arya trading review, we are about to put that to the test so you can be the judge and be able to make an informed decision of your own.

Disclaimer: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74% and 89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

ARYA Trading also offers a 33 FREE great e-Class trading courses for beginners and intermediates to update your knowledge with all things CFD, FX, Stocks, and Cryptocurrencies trading.

You will also get a free demo of their software with dummy cash to start practicing how to trade forex, stock, and etc. We believe this is a good place to start as a beginner.

ARYA Trading Review Overview

arya trading review - the best thing yet?

ARYA is the world’s most comprehensive trading ecosystem that is available online. ARYA is a trading name owned by a company called Tech X. Tech X is a technological development company which is a subsidiary of the Greenbul Group.

Contact Address: TechX FZ LLC Office 1309, 13th Floor, Creative Tower, P.O.BOX 4422,
Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.

Email Address:

Telephone: +971 (4) 407 0579 / +33 (0)18 460 4010



  1. GUILLAUME MONGES: President
  2. YANN-LOIC CHORT: VP – Marketing
  3. JEAN-GUILLAUME DEISS: VP – Business Development
  4. BENOÎT MARTIN: VP – Operations
  5. JÉRÔME LEJEUNE: VP – Salesforce
  6. BRICE
    ROEHRIG: VP – Technology

ARYA’s Goal

  1. To revolutionize access to the financial markets
  2. To democratize tools usually reserved for the elite.
  3. And to allow everyone to achieve their best performance levels.

How Does ARYA Work?

ARYA is an intelligent algorithm that seats on your trading set up to help you maximize your trade. Apart from that, it does the following:

  • It helps you to never experience account shut down due to much bad trade.
  • It helps you to trade better and win more trade.
  • It scans the market and gives you the right entry and perfect exist strategy on each trade.
  • It does not trade for you. ARYA is not human.
  • ARYA limits most trading errors by carrying out exactly what you set up to achieve on each trade.
  • ARYA helps newbies to start trading like a pro in a shorter period it will take you to learn to trade without ARYA.
  • ARYA is the trading secrets big fund managing companies are using to win huge trade set up. Now it is been made available to every one to profit from.

arya trading review - get free pack here

ARYA Trading Ecosystem – What Does It Mean?

ARYA ecosystem according to the company is designed for both beginner and advanced traders who want to live the best trading experience.

When we dug dipper, our confirmation to the above statement came as an answer
through the below ecosystem offers:

  1. ARYA makes trading easier and simpler with a solution that offers automation and execution of hundreds of pre-programmable trading scenarios.
  2. 33e-Learning classes for all levels that enable you to learn how to trade, sharpen up your skill to automate your trade, and take it to the next level.
  3. Join the #welovearya community where you can ask questions, get answers from in house best traders, and use the same strategy to improve yours.
  4. Access live weekly trade room where you can improve your performance using
    the weekly market analysis delivered buy the inhouse trading experts.
  5. Once a month master class which is an online live session led by trading
    experts to improve your skills.
  6. Chance to win entry ticket to the traders league. This interesting and quite never seen before.

This company is willing to invest its own capital on you in you have a consistency winning trading for two or three months. You still get to trade with your own money but bigger
commission sharing with Arya this time. Cool isn’t it?

ARYA’s Pros And Cons

arya trading review - best trading tool

In case if you wondering what the heck is ARYA or why are you not seeing it, look at the screenshot above. You see the red box sitting on the screen far left?

That is ARYA and the big white circle can you see it? Yes, it is indicating what ARYA does, which are those numbers, letters, and figures, with the green mini box these are intelligence analysis.

ARYA helps you with the data so you can save time and make more money with each trade.


  1. Obviously it saves you time.
  2. Protects your ca[ital.
  3. It enhances your trade.
  4. Enable you to trade beyond your emotion.
  5. It integrates many risk management features like stop-loss, maximum loss, profit goal, trade size calculation, optimization of entry and exit points.
  6. If you pre-configure your customer scenarios, ARYA makes the best of them thereby making trading simpler for you.
  7. It watches the market in real-time. You don’t have to. If you set your parameters, ARYA will automate your trade with real-time market analysis which means you can easily qualify for Trader 2.0.
  8. ARYA makes the difference.
  9. 72.2% of ARYA traders make profits.
  10. 76.1% of ARYA traders have never traded before.
  11. 90.8% of ARYA traders recommend their ecosystem to other people.
  12. There is a contact business address with an email and a phone number to call them at any time.
  13. They operate in a huge market in North America, the whole of Europe and the Middle East.
  14. They have a high paying affiliate program where you can join and make a huge buck without actually trading with them.
  15. The Pack ARYA Starter is totally free forever and it comes with way more valuable stuff than some overpriced pieces of training provided out there on the internet.
  16. Highly responsive website that is very mobile-friendly.
  17. ARYA uses the Meta Trader platform which is a vital player on the market and is recognized for its stability and robustness.


  1. We could not find a live chatbox on the website although they have an address and two contact phone numbers and an email where you can easily reach someone. And they will call you back. We tested that too.
  2. Some people might say the ARYA Pro and ARYA Por+ package is a bit expensive. But when you swam through that many scams, fakes, and overpriced empty vessels of training courses throughout the net, then you will see its better and cheaper here.

ARYA Offers – How Much Does It Cost?

We found three offers available for you on the ARYA trading ecosystem that is designed for all level of entries.

Pack ARYA Starter – A Perfect Free Starter Training On How To Trade Forex,
CFD, Cryptos, Etc

arya trading review - free starter pack

From our research and find, this is by far the best free trading training course we have ever come across both online and offline.
The writer has attended so many live trading courses and seminars here in the UK.

I have not seen half of what these guys are offering for free online which can be accessed 247 by anyone and from anywhere in the world.

Pack ARYA Starter if 100% FREE and inside you will get:

  1. ARYA training which is 33 e-learning lessons.
  2. Weekly trader room.
  3. Monthly masterclass.
  4. Access to the #welovearya support community
  5. Plus a bonus free online conference.

Anyone looking to learn how to trade should take advantage of this right now as it may not remain free forever. Plus no one s crazy enough to offer this for free in the industry right now.


 arya trading review - pro pack

ARYA Pro pack cost nearly three grand at $2,497.00 and it contains everything that the starter pack doesn’t have and  these are:

  1. The lifetime ARYA license plus all updates.
  2. ARYA training pus updates.
  3. And the entry to the trader league.

Then plus account less than $100,000 just in case you qualify for the Trader Leagues entry.


arya trading review

When we took a second look at this package, we could not spot the difference between this and the ARYA pro pack. Then we took a close look and saw that you actually more than $100,000.

This basically means that with the package, you get to trade with more than $100k of ARYA’s money if you win trade consistently.

That means more winning and more profit sharing with ARYA. You have to be very good at trading though.

What Happens After You’ve Ordered?

First, you log into your dashboard to discover the full potential of the ARYA ecosystem.

arya trading review - create an account

Secondly, you select your broker amongst their verified brokers.

arya trading review - choose your broker

And finally, you start trading in demo mode first. This will enable you to perfect your trading skills until you are confident enough to trade real money.

arya trading review - start trading with demo

ARYA Trading Ratings, Rankings, Complaints, And Customer Reviews

ARYA BBB Ratings

arya trading review - BBB rating

We found no record of any complaints or customer reviews with BBB ratings. Usually, new companies like ARYA does not have much data on rating sites like BB until after some period of time. find out more here 

So far all is good hear and there is nothing to be concerned about ARYA.


arya trading review - trustpilot rating

Usually, we do not use TrustPilot as it has been known to be saturated with both real and what’s not. But for the sake of validation, we venture in to see if we can find anything on ARYA Trading. But nothing. The company is clean.

Maybe because it is a new company, again it is all good here. Check for proof here.

There is nothing to find on TrustLink as well and you can look it up here

Also, there is nothing to be found on the Complaint Board as well. You can also
look it up here.

Not finding anything on these rating websites does not mean ARYA Trading is doing something bad. No!. It is actually a good result because with such a company in such a volatile capital market, usually someone somewhere we always have something to complain about.

And it could also mean that no one has nothing to complain against a real company who is out to help people better their life.

Let us see what professional traders say about ARYA

What Trading Experts Say About ARYA

arya trading review - expert opinion

arya trading review - professional opinion

arya trading review - what experts are saying

These are what professional and expert traders have to say about the ARYA trading system. These names are huge and verifiable as you can see.
That alone speaks volumes about the ARYA trading algorithm.

ARYA Trading Review – Final Thought

You have seen the various review tests that we have put this company through on this review. We looked int their offers, operations, features, complaints, pros, and cons.

We still encourage you to always do your own due diligence though because reviews like this will always help answer our questions. And we hope you yours has been answered here today.

As you can see, there are no single complaints against ARYA products or services anywhere on the net as of when this review was written. Perhaps in the future but for now this company is clean.

We have shown you the free starter pack which we strongly recommend for beginners. And as it is free and far more valuable than some premium trading training seen out there on the internet.

Now if you are worried about the company going burst anytime soon like Thomas Cook did because you know #anythingcanhappen, then think again.

Why? Good question …

Now, look at the major market of ARYA. North America, The whole of Europ, and the Middle East right? Not all.

Now look at the company address and see where they are situated. The United Arab Emirates right the world’s biggest oil-producing and supplying country in the world. Now you can imagine the number of prestigious clients with vast investment portfolios. Well, you do the math.

On that note, we do not think ARYA is going anywhere soon, We think they are here to stay and they are in fact, doing a great job of helping ordinary people get into the elite secrete of Forex and other assets trading.

Verdict: 100% Legit

Recommended? Yes but you can always make your own informed decision after reading the review. Also, you must understand what suits you better than anyone.

Our Rating: 98 Out of 100

We do hope this ARYA trading review helped answer most of your questions about the ARYA trading ecosystem? If we missed anything or you have questions or comment please do so in the box below and I will get back to you immediately. Also, please help us share the heck out of this
to your social networks. Many thanks.


arya trading review - free starter

ARYA Trading Review Summary

Reviewer: Richard U.

Date of Review: 14/10/2019

Item Reviewed: ARYA Trading LLC.

Verdict: Very Legit

Our Overall Rating: 98 Out of 100

Recommended? You be the judge.


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