Forex Trading

Forex Trading

Welcome to our Forex Trading page where we talk about Forex trading, review the best forex broker, best currency trading, online trading, and how to forex trade.

The foreign exchange market is a multi-trillion dollar industry where so much money exchanges hand every minute. This is where the banks make a lot of money with your deposit by using bank nifty strategy no one is willing to tell you about.

But if you learn how to trade and become good at trading, you could be making a fortune from the comfort of your home. That is why we have added Forex Trading to our portfolio of investment reviews so you can have unbiased reviews of the best forex brokers offering online trading opportunities.

Forex Trading Platforms

If you looking for the best forex broker that will suit your needs, budget, and or lifestyle you are more than welcome to go through our Forex trading reviews.

We will also like to mention here that Forex trading is a super volatile market and therefore involves risks. Therefore do not risk more than you can bear to lose and do not over leverage your position as it may mean losing more than your initial investment.

This is not financial advice. This is only the opinion of the writer. Always do your own due diligence by reading Forex reviews or seeking financial advice from an expert before investing.

If you are new to Forex trading, equip yourself with knowledge by learning how to trade from scratch. Some of the Forex brokers we reviewed here have excellent courses and a master class on how to trade. Some of them are also free so you don’t have to pay for it. Some of them also come with a free Forex trading demo account you can use to gain confidence until you are ready to trade real money.

ARYA Trading

ARYA Trading software


  1. Obviously it saves you time.
  2. Protects your ca[ital.
  3. It enhances your trade.
  4. Enable you to trade beyond your emotion.
  5. It integrates many risk management features like stop-loss, maximum loss, profit goal, trade size calculation, optimization of entry and exit points.
  6. If you pre-configure your customer scenarios, ARYA makes the best of them thereby making trading simpler for you.
  7. It watches the market in real-time. You don’t have to. If you set your parameters, ARYA will automate your trade with real-time market analysis which means you can easily qualify for Trader 2.0.
  8. ARYA makes the difference.
  9. 72.2% of ARYA traders make profits.
  10. 76.1% of ARYA traders have never traded before.
  11. 90.8% of ARYA traders recommend their ecosystem to other people.
  12. There is a contact business address with an email and a phone number to call them at any time.
  13. They operate in a huge market in North America, the whole of Europe and the Middle East.
  14. They have a high paying affiliate program where you can join and make a huge buck without actually trading with them.
  15. The Pack ARYA Starter is totally free forever and it comes with way more valuable stuff than some overpriced pieces of training provided out there on the internet.
  16. Highly responsive website that is very mobile-friendly.
  17. ARYA uses the Meta Trader platform which is a vital player on the market and is recognized for its stability and robustness.


  1. We could not find a live chatbox on the website although they have an address and two contact phone numbers and an email where you can easily reach someone. And they will call you back. We tested that too.
  2. Some people might say the ARYA Pro and ARYA Por+ package is a bit expensive. But when you swam through that many scams, fakes, and overpriced empty vessels of training courses throughout the net, then you will see its better and cheaper here.

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ThinkMarkets Vs MarketsWorld

hinkmarkets-review-best-alternative to MarketsWorld?

We would like to point out here that for the purpose of review updates, this article is more of ThinkMarkets review than MarketsWorld. This is because MarketsWorld has since closed its binary options services since October 16th, 2018. This great article here has an insightful review of MarketsWorld.

All data in this ThinkMarkets review is meant for information and guide purposes only and therefore should not be construed as financial advice. The mentioned of MarketWorld in this review has no direct relation or correlation with ThinkMarkets and this ThinMarket review. This is just a reference as a result of finding during the research for this review.

ThinkMarkets Overview

Minimum Trade Size:0.01Maximum


Minimum to Open Live:$1


Address: TF Global Markets, 2 Copthall Avenue, London, EC2R 7DA, United, +44 203 514 2374Regional offices:

Regulators: ASIC #424700,  FCA #629628

Prohibited countries:  Canada, Korea, and the US

Trading platforms: MT4, MT5, and Trade Interceptor

Web Trading: Yes

Mobile Trading: Yes

ECN: No Currencies:(35+)Cryptocurrencies:(5+) Bitcoin, EthereumCFD:(40+) Gold, Silver, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities.

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