APMEX Review – A Must Read Before You Choose

By | October 2, 2019

apmex review - a peep behind the closed doors

This is one APMEX review you must read before you choose. Find the current BBB, BCA and TrustLink complaints, rating, ranking, and customer reviews in one place.

Welcome to our unbiased APMEX review where we look at what they offer, pros and cons, and their customer reviews or complaints from rating websites. Our part is to try and provide you with as much
information. Yours is to make an informed decision.

Among all the APMEX reviews on the internet, this is the most unbiased APMEX review you will ever come across.

Important Note: If you are new in investing in gold ira account or buying gold and other precious metals please go and read our reviews of the top gold IRA companies first. This is important.

We strongly suggest doing your own research before choosing any company. We have come across so many reviews of customers being scammed, ripped-off, left out pocket, and products never arrived. The worst is choosing a company that has terrible reviews or even have committed fraud before. Please investigate thoroughly before choosing a company.

You can use rating, reviews, and complaints sites like BBB, BCA, TRUSTLINk, and RIPOFF to do further checks. They are free.

Apmex Review – Overview

apmex review - a look into their closed doors

Apmex Company founded: In 2000

Full Name: American Precious Metal Exchange

Physical Headquarters: 226 Dean A Mcgee Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73102-3413

Contact Person For Investment Enquiries: Jana Hale

Contact Number of Company: (405) 595-2100 If you are calling from out the States do remember to put country code.

Website: apmex.com

Online Presence: Yes and very strong on all social media.

Recommendation: The truth? You be the judge. But we will strongly suggest you read the Apmex Review completely before making any decision.

Apmex Products And Services

APMEX claimed to be the world’s largest online retailer of precious metals. The company began its operation in 1999 and is headquartered in Oklahoma.

The products of APMEX include silver, gold, and platinum. The company also offers Mint bullion products online, including Platinum Eagles, Platinum Maple Leafs, Platinum Commems, Silver Eagles, Pre-1933 US Gold, and many other added-value products.

They also provide IRA services like conversion of your existing 401k to gold IRA account portfolio. According to their website, all you need is an existing 401k account or an employee 401k.


Initial set up fee: $50

Administration fees: $75

Annual Storage Fee: $100 scaled meaning when your investment grows you will pay more storage fees.

Minimum Purchase Amount: $2000 which means anyone who can afford $2000 can stet up an investment.

Preferred Depository: Delaware Depository.

APMEX Pros And Cons


1. Excellent Rating: APMEX is enjoying a notable excellent rating on the major reputable rating bodies like BBB, BCA, and TRUST LINK. But it is worth knowing that in BBBm there are 28 complaints against APMEX as of when this article is written. Therefore it is important that you do your due diligence thoroughly before investing, How companies deal with these complaints also tell a lot about them.

2. A Lot of Payment Options: They were able to make a method of payment more flexible so clients can better choice to make.

3. Highly Responsive Website: APMEX website is ver responsive across all platform including smartphones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets.


1. Delivery Issues: There are more than a few complaints regarding delivery issues as we found. Potentially this could be serious because when paid goods are delayed more than required, there are
always tendencies for stress to overtake feelings.

2. Complaints About Quality of Goods Received

There are few complaints on BBB for example about items delivered were of lower quality than what they paid for. And others about second rate coins delivered to them.

3. Delays In Responding To Complaints

4. Unsatisfactory Customer Service

Let us look at complaints, Rankings, and customer reviews

Complaints, Rankings, And Customer Reviews

Before we begin, we will like to state that finding complaints about any company on these trusted rating websites is very common. Why? Because no company out there is 100% perfect. The most import is how are these companies responding and resolving these complaints.

For example, APMEX has over 28 complaints on BBB from unhappy customers and still managed to score A+ ratings. All we are saying is always do your checks thoroughly before choosing a company.

Better Business Bureau BBB

APMEX Review - What you don't know

APMEX was accredited with BBB on 4/28/2004, has a rating of A+ and a huge 4 and a half star from an average of 139 customer reviews which is a big deal. But on the other hand, it has 28 complaints closed in the last 3 years/ And 9 complaints closed in the last 12 months. Read more here.

APMEX Review - what they not telling

APMEX Review - a must read

A company with A+ ratings and 4.5-star customer reviews on BBB usually is a no brainer not to invest with them. This makes sense totally on the surface. But when you read about the 28 complaints from the same rating body, you may want to think things through and do more research before you choose any company. We always suggest that you read thoroughly how the company resolved those issues that warrant such complaints. It clues you in on customers’ service grade.

Business Consumer Alliance BCA

APMEX Review - BCA ratings

In BCA, APMEX enjoyed a triple B rating with just one unanswered complaint as of when writing this article. Read more here

APMEX Review - BCA complaints

On BCA ratings, APMEX scored a thripple B rating with just one complaint and that not answered. The reason we could not ascertain but with just one complaints? It looks impressive and the same time a bit confusing because don’t for forget the same company has up to 28 complaints on Better Business Bureau. This record is as at when this article was written.

We strongly recommend that you keep checking these rating sites as these ratings can change with time and event. We will always do our best to keep updating the same here so as to make your life easy with your research.

Complaints Board

APMEX Review - Complaints Board

There seem to be quite more than a few very unhappy customers that complained about APMEX on this rating body.

These complaints are:

  1. Poor customer service.
  2. Excess charges.
  3. Delivered item is not as described.
  4. Etc …

Please read more about these complaints here and see what you make of it.

APMEX Review - complaints board ratings

These 6 complaints are obviously from some very unhappy customers who have used the company services in the past and many recent times. It is also always important to look at how the company responded to these complaints and whether it was resolved or not.

It is always good to do your own research before choosing any company. Everything might look good on the website but complaints sites like BBB, etc will always show you the true customer service ratings. No company is perfect yes! But with that many companies? You may want to look elsewhere or research further for the top gold IRA company.


APMEX Review - TrustLink review

APMEX Review - TrustLink customer review

On the TrustLink rating site, you can see 2 glowing reviews from apparently happy customers between 2012 and 2017. No recent reviews found and five stars rating from just two customer reviews? Well, we did hit the wall at this point and have no clue why it is just two customers.

Nevertheless, these findings were as at the time of writing this report so please do check and read more here for any new updates.

Ripoff Report

APMEX Review - Ripoff Report

On this complaints site, a customer was not happy about how he was treated. He placed n order and later decided to cancel. No item has been delivered after cancellation. The customer waited for days before he got his money back but with more than a few deductions.

He was not expecting some mushroom charges to pop up unexpectedly. You can read more
about the complaint here.

APMEX Review - ripoof report customer review

Again this report was as when this review was written. Always check the rating sites whenever you want to choose any company. And always do your own due diligence before you choose any company. We will keep updating this report as soon as possible as we can.

APMEX Review – Overview

Is APMEX Investment Company that bad?

Not all of these complaints are bad. You know why?

Because the internet is full of all sorts of people wanting to complain just about anything. For example, we have seen APMEX complaints that were based on how sleek and responsive their website is.

Some may complain just about the sake of it.

Others may just look for something to complain so they too can be heard.

For the fact that APMEX is still in business, and there products and services are still being consumed worldwide means a good reputation isn’t it? But when these complaints become more than one too many, you have to raise an eyebrow and ask yourself is they are right for you.

This APMEX Review was conducted from customer perspectives and we found
the following reasons why investors may want to dig deeper:

  1. Morethan normal delays and defaults in delivery. This were the major complaints.
  2. Unsatisfied customers on receiving items due to quality problems.
  3. Delayed response by customer service in dealing with issues timely.
  4. Unexpected deductions when canceling order especially when items don’t get shipped out to the customer.
  5. More than 30 complaints in BBB in the last 3 years.
  6. It seems that they are not keen on retaining customers.

You will do yourself better than harm to research further because it is your hard-earned money that is on the line here.

Which Gold IRA Company Do We Recommend?

APMEX review Vs Regal Assets Review

Official Website Give Them A Call Here1 877 962 1133

After looking at both the pros and cons of APMEX company, it is evident that there are still areas for improvement that remain unaddressed by APMEX. Customer service needs to be up to the standards of clients, and staff members should be more responsive and available to resolve investors’ concerns.

Customers’ interest should be above company interest at all times. Because without the customer, a company will cease to exists.

Regal Assets is a trustworthy company that pledges to secure your investments and savings through an array of products and services offered. It has been featured in a number of publications such as
Inc. Magazine, SmartMoney, Market Watch, Forbes and Reuters, which proves its remarkable level of service in the field of investment.

There is always a real-time gold price window on their website that gives you an accurate gold price and other precious metals of the day.
If you want to learn more about Regal Assets, check out this in-depth Regal Assets review.

HyperInflation, market crash, recession, the crash of world currencies, and unforeseen circumstances; these are the reason why you should be diversifying your 401k into gold back IRA with the right company. Click the image below to get your FREE Regal Assets Gold IRA Kitsm Free DVD, and Free Forbes Issue.

APMEX Review - Regal Assets free gold ira kit

APMEX Review Summary

Reviewer: Richard U.

Review Date: 02/10/2019

Item Reviewed: APMEX

Verdict: Legit

Overall Rating: 60 Out of 100

Recommend? Not really but it is entirely up to you. Our job here is done!

We hope this APMEX review gave you an insight into making an informed decision of your own. If you have any questions or comment please do so in the box provided below. Also if this APMEX review helped you today in any way, please help us share the heck out of it to your social network so others can benefit. Stay blessed.

8 thoughts on “APMEX Review – A Must Read Before You Choose

  1. Andy Zeus Anderson

    APMEX has been in business for years and served tens of thousands of investors. To have just 28 complaints and have satisfied the BBB requirements of due diligence handling customer service issues that A+ rating stands for true quality. But each person as you say must make up their own mind as to if these complaints are the few or the norm with the company. As an investment firm, they are required to meet their quality assurance so you can likely chalk up the complaints of delivered not as described as other sour grapes or competitor planted reviews.

    About a year ago I ghostwrote an article review of Regal Assets, another fine company. I wouldn’t venture to really set one above the other as both are fine options.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for your contribution. It is indeed an interesting subject. Thanks for appreciating the work we do here and yes we encourage every investor to do their own research properly before choosing a gold IRA company to work with.


  2. Krista

    Hi there, I have been thinking about another alternative to paper financing and this really helped. It was interesting to find out that China is buying gold.  What do you think this means (points to)? Your website is very knowledgeable about this topic and has provided much to think about.  Thank You, Krista

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, China and India are big buyers of gold and they are still at it. China mostly is the biggest buyer. If you read the cable news recently you will notice a massive amalgamation of raw material needed in building a new trade bridge that will connect the world with China on road. Not only that, China has money. They can buy gold and anything they want and they are stockpiling probably.

      So in the nearest future gold may become a very scarce commodity to hold and the value will definitely go higher than what it is now. So if you are asking, yes now is the perfect time to start investing gold IRA.

      I hope this helps you out today?

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. jessetoikkanen

    Great review of Apmex, this is one of those numerous companies or platforms I have considered but haven’t still decided where to invest. My other option is bitcoin IRA investment platforms, what do you think about those? I have heard lots of opinions from current and former investors but they make it even harder to decide cause some people say some of them are great almost in every section but some say the opposite. 

    1. admin Post author

      You are absolutely right there are a lot of hype going on out there and a lot of them are designed to lure you in with your money. Better yet there are great Crypto companies out there that can deliver.

      From my research personally what I have noticed is that either you are trading Crypto yourself or you give your money to someone who will trade for you at a commission. We believe the latter is riskier as you do not know anything about these people you are giving money to trade for you.

      The best way is to learn how to trade or you join a company that will guide you to invest your money while you are on the steering seat, Regal Wallet is a Crypto trading section on the business and they have all the high volume coind that are moving the market. You can easily invest with Regal Wallet Cryptocurrency trading and they will help you set everything up with no pressure. You can also monitor your investment as it grows and you can diversify into other assets with one account in a very safe manner.

      Do let us know your experience.

  4. Desiray

    It sounds to me like APMEX has a very inconsistent business model. This is pretty serious and would make doing business with them a gamble. I don’t know about you but I tend to try to avoid gambling my investments and saving. Overall I do think that APMEX is doing a pretty good job considering that it is a relatively new company with a lot of competition.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks, Desiray for your comment you are absolutely right. That is why reviews like this always tend to help investors gain more insight and understanding before undertaking any venture.

      We always encourage people to do their own due diligence before choosing any gold IRA company.


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